Chronicles of Narnia

Went to watch Chronicles of Narnia last sunday with bunch of mates. This time we were not late although the time shown on the website was once again not the exactly correct. Ok, so the seating we got this time was just perfect (D row is good :) ) and we got popcorn and drinks covered. I had no slightest idea what the movie was gonna be about, but since it’s kind of friends gathering (i.e. come-watch-the-movie-with-us-or-u’ll-be-left-miserably-alone)I came along anyway.

The story was about these 4 kids who found another world behind a cupboard. Talking animals, witch, creepy monsters, and all those creatures that you find in a fantasy movie are there. And by the end of the 2 and a half hour of movie, I can conclude that : “Shit, I just spent Rp.20.000 to watch a kid’s movie???” Yeah, it was like that. Well, at least we can make a joke out of it. [in-house humour only, not expecting any of you to understand this joke..]

Riza: koq di film tadi ga ada gajahnya sih?
Madey: soalnya gajahnya ikutan nonton

Ghahahahhaa.. that was a good one ^_~