UVERworld – Timeless

UVERworld – Timeless
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OK, another album review coz I’m bored, I guess 😛 This time I’m gonna review UVERworld’s debut album : Timeless (released on 15th Feb 2006). Yes, they are a new band, released their first single D-technoLife sometimes last year.

Onto [my biased] review~~~~

  1. CHANCE! – This is actually the song from their second single (CHANCE!). Very upbeat song with catchy melody. Am amazed how Takuya can sing and rap very well (Japanese rock bands usually don’t do rap…). The English lyric where he raps is a bit… weird and confusing.. Ghahahhaa.. reminded me of those 80’s – 90’s Japanese songs that include English in some part of their lyrics.. ^^;; Takuya, please consult to a native speaker when you wanna write English lyric 😛 Other than that, the song is awsome. [9.5/10]
  2. トキノナミダ – It’s “Toki no Namida” for those who can’t read katakana. Another nice rock song that begins like typical MOVE songs 😛 I guess it’s UVERworld’s music signature to mix some part of their rock to sound tiny bit like a techno song. I must admit they did a really good job on this. [9/10]
  3. Rush – Hmm… This one sounds like ORANGE RANGE in their Indies time, with an exception of nicer melody in the reff. part. ^^ Awsome guitar, bass & drum too. [8/10]
  4. D-tecnoLife – I guess this song needs no introduction for Bleach fans. This has been their debut single as well. Was first introduced to this song when I went to J-sanctuary mini gathering. It’s very energetic, very refreshing (maybe coz I haven’t tried of any new band for a long time 😛 ), totally awsome!! Just listen to it and you’ll get I mean ^_~ [10/10]
  5. 優しさの雫 – “Yasashisa no Shizuku” is a slow song actually. Nothing stands out from this song [i.e. boring song :P]. To me, it’s one of those songs that you listen to when you wanna go to bed 😛 [7.5/10]
  6. ai ta心 (Album Version) – This one cracks me up 😛 I’ll tell you why in a moment, but first let me mention that this song is the 3rd song in their debut single, D-technoLife. If you’ve listened to their first album, this song should be familiar. And for me it’s too familiar that I almost found no difference between the album version and the single on the beginning of the song. OK, so after listening carefully to the lyric…. Takuya changed it!! Yeah, he changed some English lyric at the beginning of the song. The album version’s lyric makes more sense now. E.g.:

    Favarite Don’t stop the bitter苦しいほど愛しい —> Hey baby, don’t stop the loving 苦しいほど愛しいフレイバー好きだった言葉 プレイバック —> Flash back 好きだった言葉 プレイバック

    I believe it so fly to a chest —> I believe that I can fly so high

    Good job, Takuya 😀 Other than that, yeah, of course there is a small difference in the music arrangement from the second verse. They cut the guitar melody and put bass in to accompany Takuya’s vocal. This is a much better version of ai ta心 [9/10]

  7. Burst – OK… so this is not exactly a very meaningful song. I think UVERworld put this one in just to fill the album? Hmm… perhaps. Or maybe they just wanna prove that they are a rock band with a vocalist who can rap? Hmmm.. dunno. This one is definitely not my favourite. [6/10]
  8. Nitro – Yet another song that sounds like Rush. Not too fond of this one…. [6.5/10]
  9. just Melody (Album Version) – Again, this is one of UVERworld’s song that has been released as a single, their third single to be exact. This is already a great song from the beginning you listen to it. Perhaps it sounds a bit too pop for you rock lovers out there 😛 Not much of difference between the album version and the single version. They just re-do the intro to make a more dramatic beginning. Love it ^_~ [9.5/10]
  10. Lump Of Affection – Well can’t say that I hate this song, but can’t say that I love this song as well… It’s one of those songs that you’ll forget easily.. not catchy enough, I guess 😛 [7.5/10]
  11. – Yay~ a slow song ^o^ … or not. The guitar intro successfully fooled me 😛 The title is “Tobira”, by the way. By now you should already know UVERworld’d usual drill: a mix of rock/pop/rap. It’s a nice song, nevertheless. Takuya, please improve your English pronounciation m(_ _)m [8.5/10]
  12. SE – Really didn’t expect this one coming! A 3-minute techno song [with no vocals what so ever] in their debut album? For techno lovers, I guess this is not so bad. I’d play this song when I race in my sports car someday 😉 [8/10]
  13. D-tecnoLife (Album Version) – I’m not gonna comment much about D-technoLife (btw, why did they name this song D-technoLife???) , apart from the difference between this version and the single version. The intro is…. hmmm… how to say this.. just an excuse to make this version longer than it should be and named it “the album version”? :-/ Hmm… Yeah, I’m sure there are some tiny bits of improvement here and there in the arrangement. To me, this one is still ten out of ten 😉 [10/10]

So, to sum up: this album is worth buying if you haven’t got their first 3 singles. If you expect something more than the already released singles – well, you are not gonna get it here. I guess UVERworld is aiming for a larger audience. You can find touches of tecno, rock, rap and pop in this album. For a debut album, they have done a good job ^_~ This album doesn’t excactly “whoa” me [since I’ve already listened to their singles], but it still a nice album overall. We can only hope that they are going to get better and better for their next album *finger crossed* Alright then. I’ll leave you with this overall rating: [8.5/10]