Janne Da Arc – 振り向けば。。。/Destination

Yay!! It’s finally here, Janne Da Arc’s 25th double A-side single : Furimukeba…/Destination. And yes, because I’m buying the original CDs (Jacket A version and Jacket B version, both with the music clip DVD included), I just have to brag about it here ^o^ So please bare with me, or else.. go read someone else’s blog 😛

So what made me decided to buy this single?

  1. Because it’s Janne Da Arc’s latest single. They are my favourite band. I love no other band, but Janne Da Arc ^o^ Yes, that’s true, though I still listen to other bands 😛 [of course, dude~] And yes, by buying this single I’m supporting and respecting Janne Da Arc’s work ^o^ [ghahahahahha.. am sure everyone already heard a lot of “Please support the artist by buying their original CDs.” line. I don’t support piracy, though I agree that everyone needs to sample before they decide what they are buying 😛 *wink wink*]
  2. Because the stupid megaupload just decided to “allocate download slots” for each country other than US, UK and Canada -_- b!@tch Though I already figured out away to overcome this 😛 Anyway, was almost gonna use my credit card to subscribe for premium download on megaupload, but then it made me think that rather than giving my money to support piracy, I’d rather spend my money to support Janne Da Arc. So yeah, I was definitely determined to buy the single. I’m somewhat repeating myself in point 1, aye? 😛
  3. Because my frikkin company decided it would be nice if all of their employees work really hard and stop wasting company’s resources by banding non-work related download. So yeah, buying is definitely the only solution in this case. And no, I don’t have internet access anywhere else
  4. Because it’s bloody awsome to be able to brag that you bought an original CD like this in your own blog and make people like you to read it 😛 Hehehehhehehehe.. Ok, that’s not really the reason, but it’s just nice to have no.4 here 😛

Anyway, I think we shall move on to the review… 😛 As I’ve mentioned before, I bought 2 versions:
1. Jacket A version : CD + DVD of Furimukeba…

Furimukeba : front cover
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Furimukeba : inside
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Furimukeba : back cover
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2. Jacket B version : CD + DVD of Destination

Destination : front cover
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Destination : inside
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Destination : back cover
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The lyrics & credits page:

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the lyrics and credits
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And because I bought the first press edition, I received a poster bonus for each CD that I bought

the bonus poster ^o^
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and if you look carefully Janne Da Arc members are among the Japanese students’ pictures. The easiest on to spot is [of course] ka-yu ^o^ [Thank goodness, he has given up that hair ^^;;]

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then uncle shuji 😛 Man, he was skinny!

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and kiyo-chan!! [This is how the guy who wrote about almost nothing but food in his blog looks like when he was still in high school!! Shocking!!]

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Am suspecting that this little fellow is you-chan, but we’ll never know for sure :-/

you? maybe? 😐
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And freak.. where the hell is yasu??? [This has turned out to be almost like playing Where’s Wally?] T_T

Actually Janne Da Arc releases 3 version of this single. This is the one that I didn’t buy :
3. Jacket front A / back B version : CD and you’ll get the poster bonus plus a trading card if you buy the first press edition. Decided not to buy this as I will already have the CD when I buy the other 2 version. Though for sure I’ll miss out on the trading card T_T Oh well…

And yes, yes. I will review the songs (and the music clips) of course. The single itself contains 2 tracks [Both are A-side as you can see. That’s they are making PVs for both songs.]

1. Furimukeba… Ok, I’ve listened to this song since last year actually, when someone was kind enough to rip it from Hirakata movie and posted it in Heaven’s Place. As you’ve already probably guess, this song is the movie theme of Hirakata [a movie about high school students who dream being a big band like Janne Da Arc – dunno much about the movie, but it’s on my most-likely-gonna-buy-list for next month. They have this limited low priced edition on sale from next month till the end of May. Huge discount from 5800 yen slashed to 2700 yen. Really a great deal from Avex ^o^]. And not far from being a theme song of Hirakata, this song is about high school gradution. Man, I wish I had this on my high school graduation, but I don’t really complain having that song by Vitamin C instead 😛 The music clip showed a small portion of Hirakata, and I believed the rest of the clip was taken in Hirakata West High School as well. [FYI, Hirakata is also the name of Janne Da Arc’s high school.] I like this part of the lyric the best :

mado ni utsuru keshiki wa toki no tomo ni kawaru kedo
kimi no kokoro ni utsuru keshiki wa kawari wa shinai yo
eventhough the scene reflected from the window change as time passed by
the scene reflected from your heart won’t change

So sweet, aye 😛 Man, this is trully the best graduation song ever ^o^ ka-yu is really good in writing slow songs. Every song that he wrote, trully becomes my favourite song 😛 The ending part of the song really surprised me when I first heard it. It’s not very typical of Janne Da Arc to do this kind of ending.. having yasu to sing the first part of the lyric again accompanied by you-chan’s guitar.

The music clip started with yasu playing the overhead projected. Portions of Hirakata was shown there. Then yasu stepped out of the class room. Then there was ka-yu standing against the wall [argh.. he’s cute ^o^] followed by you-chan glancing through the window on the stairs. Then kiyo-chan playing the grand piano [the most suited scene for him 😛 since he’s a keyboardist] and shuji playing soccer ball on the field. Everyone looks mellow – maybe it’s because of the song… Then everyone doing their own part in the school gym/hall.

2. Destination. When I first listened to it over their website [sample], I know this song is gonna be something like Wild Fang, only a bit darker. I guess this is the typical game theme song they are making, aye 😉 [FYI Wild Fang is the theme song for Capcom X game and Destination is the theme song of Over-G game.] At first I dont’ quite like the reff. part. I was thinking that they might be doing weird stuff like they did JOKER album, but after listening to the whole song from the beginning till the end, the reff. part does make sense and blends well with every part of the song ^^ So, good job to kiyo for that ^__^ I love the arrangement as well. I think in this song, every instrument gets their own fair part. Everyone gets a chance in showing their music skills. You can hear kiyo’s keyboard vividly and shuji’s drum beat is evident of course [We’ll skip talking about yasu since we all know that he sings perfect pitch]. I’m actually qiute surprised that they do have solo part for ka-yu’s bass. Usually they neglect that and go straight off to you-chan’s guitar solo. Anyway, there’s nothing special about the music clip. But I’m not complaining since I get to see a lot of ka-yu in that Irish skirt 😛 Like the music, the clip is dark, smoky and shakky 😛 I really like yasu’s hair in this clip. Maybe should have mine cut like his 😛 Hehehhehe….

Ok, I think that’s the end of our review. As always, I’m not gonna rate Janne Da Arc’s work [cause it’s just gonna be biased since I’m a big fan of them :P] but do buy this single. It’s worth all the money you spend 😛 And watch out for their Special 10th Anniversary Indies Complete Box, coming out next month. Can’t wait to get hold of mine ^o^