Kay’s DIY: Tissue Box Cover

I managed to make this beautiful tissue box cover myself and I am very proud of it 😀 Hehhehe… It is sitting nicely on top of my wardrobe :)

Front view

Top view

I’ll show you how to make one yourself 😉

You will need a box of tissue (preferably the ugly no frills cover one, so you can be proud once you managed to cover it 😛 ), a 30cm x 90cm cloth with pretty print (You can get this from Japanese $2 shop, like Daisho. Mine was actually “cloth for shelf”, and sadly I got it for $3 here :( ), and two pins (in matching color).

Put the tissue box on top the cloth like this.

Wrap the bottom part.

Right part…

Left part

Turn in over

Fold and slip this little piece of cloth inside the tissue box

And so is this part

Fold and pin this part

And also this part..

And voila… you have yourself a pretty tissue box cover!

5 thoughts on “Kay’s DIY: Tissue Box Cover

  1. hey! dunno how’s ur bday date was set as new appointment in my cellphone. u know im not a bday person. was is u who set it?!!? hayo ngaku!

    anyway, happy belated bday ya lb (lb = lil birdy .. from jurong ofcourse), hope all ur wish will come true .. like the one u mentioned to me last time, that u wanna be a professional sheep hair dresser .. ofcourse this u can do many experiments now in NZ .. so many mbeeeeeeks there…

    miss ur whistle so much … huihuihuhihuuuuiiit *sambil nyukur bulu domba*

  2. @boaz: thank u :)

    @chubby monkey: hmmm.. gw ga inget kalo gw pernah ngeset.. it was miraculously there somehow 😛 hehehehe…
    thank u 4 ur wishes, tapi *slap* *kick* dan *punch* buat komentar lb dan prof sheep hairdressernya -_-

  3. kreatip juga ampe bikin beginian.. sendiri.. kenapa ngga beli aja seh? .. tar dijawab.. kalo bisa bikin kenapa harus beli.. trus gua jawab lagi ya kalo bisa beli kenapa harus bikin.. terus ulang2 kae gitu ampe bosen..

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