Installing GlassFish Plugin in Eclipse Europa

This ought to be straight forward but since nobody knows the proxy connection in the office and we are always connected directly to the internet (well, I had tried to download and run proxy reader tool, but it detect that I’m not using any proxy), I can’t use “Download Additional Server Adapter” link to get the latest GlassFish plugin from “New Server” dialog)

After about 3 days trying every possible links to find out where the **** they store the JAR file for GlassFish plugin, I finally found it!!!!!!!!! And I finally managed to install it manually!!!!!!

First download this plugin:….sunappsrv_1.0.2.jar

And this feature:….sunappsrv.feature_1.0.2.jar

Copy the plugin to your Eclipse Europa plugin directory and unzip it (folder name should be the same as the JAR file name – the easiest way is if you use WINRAR just right click and select “Extract to [folder name]”). Do the same with the feature JAR (copy to feature folder and unzip it). Restart your Eclipse Europa and voila!!!!

FYI, you would need Eclipse Europa (that is Eclipse 3.3) with WTP 2.0 RC3 at least for this plugin to work. And of course you would need to have GlassFish installed as well.

18 thoughts on “Installing GlassFish Plugin in Eclipse Europa

  1. Awesome! This was just what I needed.
    I agree that the eclipse proxy configuration needs more work (I wish it could inherit IE or firefox’s proxy settings, which allow proxy auto config scripts).

  2. Thank you.

    Was looking hard into this problem, why is nobody fixing this issue?

    Is noboy using glassfish with eclipse?


  3. Let me also say thanks!!! Your notes solved my problem also.

    BTW, does anyone know why I cant access the https update sites using the Eclipse Ganymede. I have a direct connection to the internet and am not behind any proxies. I have seen references to various eclipse config sections but cant seem to find any pertaining to the update sites nor https. Any pointers would be appreciated!

  4. Hi Kayrin, Thank you a lot…. Really tired of searching for this all day long… Finally, this is the only solution that I’ve got… Cheers!!!!

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  6. I need Glassfish 3.0 plugin for eclipse europa 3.3
    The link provided here state that this page is not found! :(

    I have tried to use the New Server wizard, and choose the Download additional Server adapters and it’s downloaded and restared eclipse, the plugin “com.sun.enterprise.jst.server.sunappsrv_1.0.53″ has been placed in the eclipse plugins directory, but still the Glassfish server did not appear in the servers section!

    Any help?!

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