Eclipse Import Problem

//Lesson learned today..
Apparently it is a known problem that Eclipse messed up with import @_@ So bad that other developer choose to switch IDE (not gonna happen to me). The worst thing is that it can’t recognize class from the same package *insert words to express frustration here*

This happened to me when I am using Eclipse Europa (Eclipse 3.3). I thought they should have fixed this problem by now!!

Quick hack to fix this:

Eclipse regularly seems to forget that imports exist. I find this happens a lot when I edit and then save a file in my project.
My work-around: remove and then add the JRE library

1. right-click on your project folder
2. click properties
3. click on the Libraries tab
4. click on the JRE
5. click remove
6. click OK
7. repeat 1-3
8. click Add library
9. click JRE ssystem library
10. click finish
11. click OK

This seems to refresh the build path and sort out the problem temporarily. You can be sure though that it will not go away for good. :(

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