The Love Guru

The Love Guru

Hari ini, thanks to movie club, kita dpt nonton gratis advance screeningnya The Love Guru, film komedinya Mike Myers yg baru bakal premier besok di NZ. Filmnya sih sebenernya biasa aja (gw bisa bilang gini karena nonton gratis, kalo harus bayar pasti nih film udah gw kritik habis dgn segala cap lame-nya plus cap pemborosan duit yg kagak perlu) dan seperti biasa komedi hollywood itu pasti byk referensi joke 17 taon ke atas.

Yg rada amusing itu karena ada adegan nari2 dan nyanyi ala Bollywood sih. Kocak, lipsync gitu lagi – soalnya lagunya jg lagu india. Truss yg gdubraks ada Oprah, Jessica Simpsons, Val Kilmer, Kanye West & Mike Myers (lagi) sebagai diri mereka masing2. Gdubraaaaakssss….. Tapi yg paling ga kuat jijiknya sih ngeliat gaya Justin Timberlake sebagai pemeran antagonisnya. What daaaa… o_O Truss gdubraks banget pas ngeliat officenya Mini-Me. Dibikin lagi! Gdubraaakssss…. Udah gitu EIEIO dan DRAMA dan Nowhere –> Now here dan singkatan2 aneh laennya yg diTMn semua… tolong donk…

Anyway, tidak direkomendasikan untuk nonton di bioskop buat org yg lagi bokek. Tungguin 2 taon lagi diputer di TV aja d.



Watched this movie on the plane.
Maaaaaaan, the actor Haruma Miura is soooooooo cute!!! I love his face *threw a fangirl squeeeee*

Anyway, the movie revolves around high school love story, teenage pregnancy and facing death of a loved one (hahahha.. spoilers for you 😛 ) It was sooooooooooooooooo sweeeeeet. Man, tooooooooo sweet! And Haruma Miura is just adorable in his blond hair! He looks like one of Final Fantasy character come to life! (Seriously!!) Anyway (again), there are some unexpected little things along the line, like when Hiro (played by Haruma Miura) was suddenly running out of the restaurant when Mika (played by the main actress – which her name I don’t remember and is not important to me, so I won’t even bother mentioning it here :P) told him that she was pregnant with his son, you would never expected that Hiro would come running back into the restaurant with a present in hand and congratulate Mika. (hahahha.. spoiler again :P) He is just sooo sweet, so adorable. Man, if every man on the planet loves his partner like him, I could guarantee you the word “divorce” is not even going to be in the dictionary! Anyway, in the end Hiro dies. (hahhaha.. spoiler :P)

Oh, for those who can’t read kanji, the movie name is KOIZORA which translates to “Sky of Love”.

Music and Lyrics

Baru aja balik dari nonton Music and Lyrics..
Man, I love Hugh Grant. Kayaknya dia maen di film apa aja gw suka. Dari Love Actually, Notting Hill, Bridget Jones Diary, smuanya gw sukaaaaaaaaa <3
It’s been along time for me since I’ve watched a great love comedy. And since Bridget Jones 2 yg gw tonton bulan November lalu (I know.. I know… ketinggalan zaman gw baru nonton tuh film taon lalu. Yg no 1 gw tonton seminggu sebelumnya malah 😛 ), kayanya gw blom nemuin film love comedy yg T.O.P. Yg satu ini bener2 gw suka. Ga tau apa karena ada Hugh Grant, ato karena habis butek kerja ngurusin web-service yg selalu bermasalah shingga abis nonton ini jdnya ga butek lagi, I don’t know lah. Yang jelas gw suka sama nih film.

Openingnya.. Huahahahhahahahahaha.. mo ngakak XD
Ga tau d. I have a thing with lagu2 taon 80an. Dengan suara efek keyboard jadul itu and rythm yg begitu, bagi gw sih “enggak banget”. Dan asli, lucu aja ngeliat Hugh Grant ngedance ala 80 banget. Lagunya cheesy banget lyricnya. “Pop goes my heart..” huahahahhahaha.. Senjata ampuh buat bikin annoyed seseorg XD

Gw suka banget sama lagu “Way Back Into Love“!! Ini ceritanya lagu yg digarap sama Hugh Grant & Drew Barrymore di film ini. Melodynya bagus banget, liriknya jg!! Gw besok nyari soundtrack d. Gw baru tau Hugh Grant bisa nyanyi jg ternyata..

Hmm… ga bisa nulis banyak2 nih di sini. Soalnya ntar jd spoiler kalo gw nulis lbh byk 😛 Hehehehehe.. yg jelas kalo suka romantic comedy, film ini wajib tonton dah!! Plus lagunya bagus2 XD

Chronicles of Narnia

Went to watch Chronicles of Narnia last sunday with bunch of mates. This time we were not late although the time shown on the website was once again not the exactly correct. Ok, so the seating we got this time was just perfect (D row is good :) ) and we got popcorn and drinks covered. I had no slightest idea what the movie was gonna be about, but since it’s kind of friends gathering (i.e. come-watch-the-movie-with-us-or-u’ll-be-left-miserably-alone)I came along anyway.

The story was about these 4 kids who found another world behind a cupboard. Talking animals, witch, creepy monsters, and all those creatures that you find in a fantasy movie are there. And by the end of the 2 and a half hour of movie, I can conclude that : “Shit, I just spent Rp.20.000 to watch a kid’s movie???” Yeah, it was like that. Well, at least we can make a joke out of it. [in-house humour only, not expecting any of you to understand this joke..]

Riza: koq di film tadi ga ada gajahnya sih?
Madey: soalnya gajahnya ikutan nonton

Ghahahahhaa.. that was a good one ^_~

The Last Samurai

Baru balik nonton The Last Samurai bareng Sophy. Bagus banget filmnya. Tom Cruise-nya cakep, tapi aktor Jepang yg jadi anaknya Katsumoto lebih keren lagi (Nobutada)~~ He’s just so cute… Namanya Shin Koyamada.. Yang jadi rajanya -Shichinosuke Nakamura – juga lumayan (tapi waktu dia gax berjenggot). Suaranya nggak ku ku.. Aaaa… indah sekalee… [sambil ngeliat websitenya lagi].

Ocean’s Eleven

just watched Ocean’s Eleven! really great movie! full of big stars, alright. not just those 5 big names that you can see on the ad, but also some short appearance by that guy who plays pacey in dawson’s creek, that guy who plays matt in 7th heavens, that guy who plays i-forgot-his-name (he’s the main actor, the boyfriend of the macho girl) in that 70 show, and the lady who plays piper in charmed. ok, so what if i’m not good at remembering those actors and actress’s name? i can remember my library card ID number on top of my head! it’s 20001004632513. but they’ve given me a new one coz the old one is a liitle bit damaged. dammit, now i have to memorize the new number! anyway, back to ocean’s eleven. yep, there are 11 guys in the team alright. the movie itself is funny and you couldn’t guess at the beginning how they are going to actually rob the casino! it’s so amazing and very unexpected! anyway, my overall rating would be 8/10.. i know i’m not very generous when giving marks or stuff like that. the bits and pieces are neat. there are no particular leading actor in this film, and julia robert only plays a small and not so important roll. but anyway, putting her name down would certainly be a boost to the marketing of this film…