Janne Da Arc – 振り向けば。。。/Destination

Yay!! It’s finally here, Janne Da Arc’s 25th double A-side single : Furimukeba…/Destination. And yes, because I’m buying the original CDs (Jacket A version and Jacket B version, both with the music clip DVD included), I just have to brag about it here ^o^ So please bare with me, or else.. go read someone else’s blog 😛

So what made me decided to buy this single?

  1. Because it’s Janne Da Arc’s latest single. They are my favourite band. I love no other band, but Janne Da Arc ^o^ Yes, that’s true, though I still listen to other bands 😛 [of course, dude~] And yes, by buying this single I’m supporting and respecting Janne Da Arc’s work ^o^ [ghahahahahha.. am sure everyone already heard a lot of “Please support the artist by buying their original CDs.” line. I don’t support piracy, though I agree that everyone needs to sample before they decide what they are buying 😛 *wink wink*]
  2. Because the stupid megaupload just decided to “allocate download slots” for each country other than US, UK and Canada -_- b!@tch Though I already figured out away to overcome this 😛 Anyway, was almost gonna use my credit card to subscribe for premium download on megaupload, but then it made me think that rather than giving my money to support piracy, I’d rather spend my money to support Janne Da Arc. So yeah, I was definitely determined to buy the single. I’m somewhat repeating myself in point 1, aye? 😛
  3. Because my frikkin company decided it would be nice if all of their employees work really hard and stop wasting company’s resources by banding non-work related download. So yeah, buying is definitely the only solution in this case. And no, I don’t have internet access anywhere else
  4. Because it’s bloody awsome to be able to brag that you bought an original CD like this in your own blog and make people like you to read it 😛 Hehehehhehehehe.. Ok, that’s not really the reason, but it’s just nice to have no.4 here 😛

Anyway, I think we shall move on to the review… 😛 As I’ve mentioned before, I bought 2 versions:
1. Jacket A version : CD + DVD of Furimukeba…

Furimukeba : front cover
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Furimukeba : inside
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Furimukeba : back cover
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2. Jacket B version : CD + DVD of Destination

Destination : front cover
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Destination : inside
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Destination : back cover
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The lyrics & credits page:

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the lyrics and credits
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And because I bought the first press edition, I received a poster bonus for each CD that I bought

the bonus poster ^o^
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and if you look carefully Janne Da Arc members are among the Japanese students’ pictures. The easiest on to spot is [of course] ka-yu ^o^ [Thank goodness, he has given up that hair ^^;;]

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then uncle shuji 😛 Man, he was skinny!

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and kiyo-chan!! [This is how the guy who wrote about almost nothing but food in his blog looks like when he was still in high school!! Shocking!!]

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Am suspecting that this little fellow is you-chan, but we’ll never know for sure :-/

you? maybe? 😐
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And freak.. where the hell is yasu??? [This has turned out to be almost like playing Where’s Wally?] T_T

Actually Janne Da Arc releases 3 version of this single. This is the one that I didn’t buy :
3. Jacket front A / back B version : CD and you’ll get the poster bonus plus a trading card if you buy the first press edition. Decided not to buy this as I will already have the CD when I buy the other 2 version. Though for sure I’ll miss out on the trading card T_T Oh well…

And yes, yes. I will review the songs (and the music clips) of course. The single itself contains 2 tracks [Both are A-side as you can see. That’s they are making PVs for both songs.]

1. Furimukeba… Ok, I’ve listened to this song since last year actually, when someone was kind enough to rip it from Hirakata movie and posted it in Heaven’s Place. As you’ve already probably guess, this song is the movie theme of Hirakata [a movie about high school students who dream being a big band like Janne Da Arc – dunno much about the movie, but it’s on my most-likely-gonna-buy-list for next month. They have this limited low priced edition on sale from next month till the end of May. Huge discount from 5800 yen slashed to 2700 yen. Really a great deal from Avex ^o^]. And not far from being a theme song of Hirakata, this song is about high school gradution. Man, I wish I had this on my high school graduation, but I don’t really complain having that song by Vitamin C instead 😛 The music clip showed a small portion of Hirakata, and I believed the rest of the clip was taken in Hirakata West High School as well. [FYI, Hirakata is also the name of Janne Da Arc’s high school.] I like this part of the lyric the best :

mado ni utsuru keshiki wa toki no tomo ni kawaru kedo
kimi no kokoro ni utsuru keshiki wa kawari wa shinai yo
eventhough the scene reflected from the window change as time passed by
the scene reflected from your heart won’t change

So sweet, aye 😛 Man, this is trully the best graduation song ever ^o^ ka-yu is really good in writing slow songs. Every song that he wrote, trully becomes my favourite song 😛 The ending part of the song really surprised me when I first heard it. It’s not very typical of Janne Da Arc to do this kind of ending.. having yasu to sing the first part of the lyric again accompanied by you-chan’s guitar.

The music clip started with yasu playing the overhead projected. Portions of Hirakata was shown there. Then yasu stepped out of the class room. Then there was ka-yu standing against the wall [argh.. he’s cute ^o^] followed by you-chan glancing through the window on the stairs. Then kiyo-chan playing the grand piano [the most suited scene for him 😛 since he’s a keyboardist] and shuji playing soccer ball on the field. Everyone looks mellow – maybe it’s because of the song… Then everyone doing their own part in the school gym/hall.

2. Destination. When I first listened to it over their website [sample], I know this song is gonna be something like Wild Fang, only a bit darker. I guess this is the typical game theme song they are making, aye 😉 [FYI Wild Fang is the theme song for Capcom X game and Destination is the theme song of Over-G game.] At first I dont’ quite like the reff. part. I was thinking that they might be doing weird stuff like they did JOKER album, but after listening to the whole song from the beginning till the end, the reff. part does make sense and blends well with every part of the song ^^ So, good job to kiyo for that ^__^ I love the arrangement as well. I think in this song, every instrument gets their own fair part. Everyone gets a chance in showing their music skills. You can hear kiyo’s keyboard vividly and shuji’s drum beat is evident of course [We’ll skip talking about yasu since we all know that he sings perfect pitch]. I’m actually qiute surprised that they do have solo part for ka-yu’s bass. Usually they neglect that and go straight off to you-chan’s guitar solo. Anyway, there’s nothing special about the music clip. But I’m not complaining since I get to see a lot of ka-yu in that Irish skirt 😛 Like the music, the clip is dark, smoky and shakky 😛 I really like yasu’s hair in this clip. Maybe should have mine cut like his 😛 Hehehhehe….

Ok, I think that’s the end of our review. As always, I’m not gonna rate Janne Da Arc’s work [cause it’s just gonna be biased since I’m a big fan of them :P] but do buy this single. It’s worth all the money you spend 😛 And watch out for their Special 10th Anniversary Indies Complete Box, coming out next month. Can’t wait to get hold of mine ^o^

UVERworld – Timeless

UVERworld – Timeless
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OK, another album review coz I’m bored, I guess 😛 This time I’m gonna review UVERworld’s debut album : Timeless (released on 15th Feb 2006). Yes, they are a new band, released their first single D-technoLife sometimes last year.

Onto [my biased] review~~~~

  1. CHANCE! – This is actually the song from their second single (CHANCE!). Very upbeat song with catchy melody. Am amazed how Takuya can sing and rap very well (Japanese rock bands usually don’t do rap…). The English lyric where he raps is a bit… weird and confusing.. Ghahahhaa.. reminded me of those 80’s – 90’s Japanese songs that include English in some part of their lyrics.. ^^;; Takuya, please consult to a native speaker when you wanna write English lyric 😛 Other than that, the song is awsome. [9.5/10]
  2. トキノナミダ – It’s “Toki no Namida” for those who can’t read katakana. Another nice rock song that begins like typical MOVE songs 😛 I guess it’s UVERworld’s music signature to mix some part of their rock to sound tiny bit like a techno song. I must admit they did a really good job on this. [9/10]
  3. Rush – Hmm… This one sounds like ORANGE RANGE in their Indies time, with an exception of nicer melody in the reff. part. ^^ Awsome guitar, bass & drum too. [8/10]
  4. D-tecnoLife – I guess this song needs no introduction for Bleach fans. This has been their debut single as well. Was first introduced to this song when I went to J-sanctuary mini gathering. It’s very energetic, very refreshing (maybe coz I haven’t tried of any new band for a long time 😛 ), totally awsome!! Just listen to it and you’ll get I mean ^_~ [10/10]
  5. 優しさの雫 – “Yasashisa no Shizuku” is a slow song actually. Nothing stands out from this song [i.e. boring song :P]. To me, it’s one of those songs that you listen to when you wanna go to bed 😛 [7.5/10]
  6. ai ta心 (Album Version) – This one cracks me up 😛 I’ll tell you why in a moment, but first let me mention that this song is the 3rd song in their debut single, D-technoLife. If you’ve listened to their first album, this song should be familiar. And for me it’s too familiar that I almost found no difference between the album version and the single on the beginning of the song. OK, so after listening carefully to the lyric…. Takuya changed it!! Yeah, he changed some English lyric at the beginning of the song. The album version’s lyric makes more sense now. E.g.:

    Favarite Don’t stop the bitter苦しいほど愛しい —> Hey baby, don’t stop the loving 苦しいほど愛しいフレイバー好きだった言葉 プレイバック —> Flash back 好きだった言葉 プレイバック

    I believe it so fly to a chest —> I believe that I can fly so high

    Good job, Takuya 😀 Other than that, yeah, of course there is a small difference in the music arrangement from the second verse. They cut the guitar melody and put bass in to accompany Takuya’s vocal. This is a much better version of ai ta心 [9/10]

  7. Burst – OK… so this is not exactly a very meaningful song. I think UVERworld put this one in just to fill the album? Hmm… perhaps. Or maybe they just wanna prove that they are a rock band with a vocalist who can rap? Hmmm.. dunno. This one is definitely not my favourite. [6/10]
  8. Nitro – Yet another song that sounds like Rush. Not too fond of this one…. [6.5/10]
  9. just Melody (Album Version) – Again, this is one of UVERworld’s song that has been released as a single, their third single to be exact. This is already a great song from the beginning you listen to it. Perhaps it sounds a bit too pop for you rock lovers out there 😛 Not much of difference between the album version and the single version. They just re-do the intro to make a more dramatic beginning. Love it ^_~ [9.5/10]
  10. Lump Of Affection – Well can’t say that I hate this song, but can’t say that I love this song as well… It’s one of those songs that you’ll forget easily.. not catchy enough, I guess 😛 [7.5/10]
  11. – Yay~ a slow song ^o^ … or not. The guitar intro successfully fooled me 😛 The title is “Tobira”, by the way. By now you should already know UVERworld’d usual drill: a mix of rock/pop/rap. It’s a nice song, nevertheless. Takuya, please improve your English pronounciation m(_ _)m [8.5/10]
  12. SE – Really didn’t expect this one coming! A 3-minute techno song [with no vocals what so ever] in their debut album? For techno lovers, I guess this is not so bad. I’d play this song when I race in my sports car someday 😉 [8/10]
  13. D-tecnoLife (Album Version) – I’m not gonna comment much about D-technoLife (btw, why did they name this song D-technoLife???) , apart from the difference between this version and the single version. The intro is…. hmmm… how to say this.. just an excuse to make this version longer than it should be and named it “the album version”? :-/ Hmm… Yeah, I’m sure there are some tiny bits of improvement here and there in the arrangement. To me, this one is still ten out of ten 😉 [10/10]

So, to sum up: this album is worth buying if you haven’t got their first 3 singles. If you expect something more than the already released singles – well, you are not gonna get it here. I guess UVERworld is aiming for a larger audience. You can find touches of tecno, rock, rap and pop in this album. For a debut album, they have done a good job ^_~ This album doesn’t excactly “whoa” me [since I’ve already listened to their singles], but it still a nice album overall. We can only hope that they are going to get better and better for their next album *finger crossed* Alright then. I’ll leave you with this overall rating: [8.5/10]

Janne Da Arc – Dearly

Janne Da Arc Live 2005 “Dearly”
27 Jul 2005 – Live at Osaka-Jo Hall

01.Strange Voice
02.Heavy Damage
06.心の行方 (Kokoro no Yukue)
09.月光花 (Gekkouka)
10.桜 (Sakura)
11.Kiss Me
12.Solo Part & Session
20.ヴァンパイア (Vampire)
22.-救世主 メシア- (Messiah)

[Encore 01]
01.ダイヤモンドヴァージン (Diamond Virgin)
02.霞ゆく空背にして (Kasumi Yuku Sora Sei ni Shite)

[Encore 02]

[Encore 03]

Dearly: Front Cover
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Dearly: Back Cover
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Dearly: Disc 1
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Dearly: Disc 2
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Just received my order today ^o^
*C screams like mad*
“Dearly~~~ waa waa waa waa waa~~~” <– screaming like mad *C goes hyper* 27 tracks and 2 special contents!!!!! Janne Da Arc saiko~~~~~~~ *C runs home to watch the DVD* ________________________________________________________________

Waaaiii~~ just got my Dearly DVD yesterday ^_____^ It is totally A.W.S.O.M.E.!!!!!!

Whoaa.. this is by far their best live dvd they’ve released so far. 3 hours of Janne Da Arc concert *glomps* and I stil can’t get enough of them ^_____^ The opening (Strange Voice) totally kicked ass~~ They do all the hard rock songs first and they don’t talk to the audience until after Speed. Every songs that they performed were just totally amazing.

Some of the most memorable part:

  • in Kiss Me Yasu suddenly grabbed Ka-yu’s leg (yay, fan service!!)
  • Yasu did a funny dance in Process (and expected the audience to follow him XD),
  • Yasu grabbed one of the fan as he sang Vampire (u guys probably have seen this already)

Solo part cracks me up XD Well, actually only Shuji and You did their solos, and soon you’ll find out why they call is “Solo Part and Session” XD Shuji had the longest solo (I didn’t check the time, but I’m sure it’s over 3-4 minutes). The stage effects were great, Shuji’s part of the stage got lifted up as he played fast beats. You’s solo was like “OMG He can do that??? o_O” His skills just blew me out (u should see it yourself) O_O After that Kiyo and Ka-yu appeared on the stage. I thought they were gonna their solo part like Shuji and You, but it turned out to be something else more interesting than that XD Each of them played some tunes and asked the other members to imitate it with their own instrument. Ka-yu messed up one part XD but he just laughed at it XD I love Ka-yu’s facial expression (and Shuji’s too) when he did this XD Kiyo was like kinna nervous when he did his XD aww.. so cute~~

Encores were AWSOME. And you wouldn’t believe this. Yasu cried towards the end of Rainy!! O_O I can’t believe my eyes. A big fat tear falling from Yasu’s eye O_O I don’t know why he cried, but I’m sure they are happy tears. (Dammit, I wish I can understand Japanese.. I tried to hear their comments during Rainy, but all I can understand was Yasu explaining in which part he started crying to the rest of the members and sayed he’ll never cry again. Stare was great as always.

And like Infinity Live, they went to the corners together to say goodbye to the fans. Yasu, Ka-yu and You took off their shirts (!!! whoaaa… I love seeing them half naked XD ) and gave them to the audience. Ka-yu was about to take off Ki-yo’s shirt, but it turned out that Kiyo was wearing another piece off under he’s Ts.

The off shot showed what the band did one day prior to the concert. Kiyo put a surprise gift under one of the audience’s seat (It was candy/gum wrapped in a broucheur of Osaka Hall which has the band’s signatures on it). The band surveyed the concert hall and made final preparation, things like that.

The opening movie cracks me up XD There were some shots of their first live appearance (it was back in 1996 and the recording quality was not that great). It’s just weird seeing them with that kinna hair and all. And Kiyo was totally adorable when he was younger O_O And then there are shots when they acted silly , like Yasu “punched” Shuji’s face; Ka-yu, You, and Kiyo (if I’m not mistaken) dressed in bowling pin costums; and someone was naked (really totally naked) – but I can’t figure out who that is :-/

OK, I think I’ll stop my rant here.. //goes off watching the dvd again XD


reviewing in indonesian… pembukaannya.. asli… kereeeeeeeeeeeen banget T_T <— sampe terharu saking kerennya.. Janne Da Arc saiko~~~ ternyata lagu strange voice itu keren jg dijadiin lagu pembukaan. panggungnya awalnya ditutupin sama kain layar. efek lampunya bagus banget & ngikutin drumnya shuji truss DESSS kainnya jatoh dan keliatan mereka berlima [gayanya yasu cool abis pas layarnya jatoh ini] dah gitu OMG ka-yu… cute abis.. ga ada kata2 buat menjelaskannya.. he doesn’t need to do anything.. just play the bass and looking damn good *drools all over the place for ka-yu* ^o^

waaaaaa~~ semua lagu yg mereka bawain keren abis. dan yg bagus dr dvd ini, smua member dapat porsi yg adil di depan kamera. stage efeknya dan lightingnya keren. jauh lbh bagus drpd live2 sebelumnya. dan penguasaan panggungnya lbh bagus. yasu, ka-yu & you suka lari ke sana sini. lbh live dan interaktif kesannya. yg paling berkesan..

  • pas kiss me ka-yu gangguin yasu, eh buntut2nya malah yasu megangin kaki kanannya ka-yu sambil nyanyi [aww.. cute~~]
  • ka-yu nyanyi dikit pas di labyrinth ^o^
  • yasu ngedance dgn gaya yg lucu pas di process ghahahahahhaha.. lucu bgt.. truss dia minta penonton buat ngikutin dia lagi XD lucu bgt.. yasu nari di depan you, truss di depannya kiyo [mo gangguin gitu], kiyonya ketawa2, buntutnya2 yasu salamin si kiyo XD ga jelas bgt XD tapi lucu XD
  • pas lagu vampire yasu merelakan dirinya dipeluk fans ceweq -_- *tendang tuh ceweq* yasu~~ peluk gw aja XD [siap2 ditendang ecchan XD]
  • yasu merem pas nyanyiin lagu slow [gekkouka dan dolls] kawaii~~
  • kiyo keren abis pas mainin sakura.. santai gitu
    mainin keyboardnya.. padahal susah o_O
  • ka-yu selalu terlihat keren di setiap saat ^o^ *hugs ka-yu*

solo part & sessionnya menarik bgt.. pertama2 solonya si shuji.. [btw, gila juga si shuji.. dari pertama sampe terakhir yg ga istirahat dia doang.. o_O kuat bgt yah.. soalnya pas solo part kan yg laen pada istirahat, si shuji kaga… soalnya dia musti ngiringin solo part yg laen]. solo partnya shuji sekitar 6-7 menit O_O gila~~ gw salut bgt sama staminanya om yg satu ini. keren lagi. pas semakin kenceng si shuji maen, stagenya [yg ada shuji & drum setnya] keangkat.. trus keluar asap2 gitu.. keren efeknya.

abis itu bagiannya si you. kalo pernah ngeliat gitar solonya daita [ex. siam shade], gitar solonya you ga kalah [bahkan lbh keren. menurut gw] o_O you bener2 show off tehnik tappingnya dia. gw bener2 speechless deh.. asik bgt gitu dia mainnya dgn nyante o_O oia, shuji mengiringi dgn drum pas gitar solo ini.

abis itu kiyo naek ke atas panggung… gw kira bakal gilirannya kiyo.. eh, tiba2 si ka-yu nongol juga [lho koq?]. truss ka-yu mainin bassnya [cuman bentar doang.. shuji masih mengiringin jg] pas dia selese, dia nunjuk ke you, sambil bilang “you” dan abis itu si you niruin nada yg barusan dimainin ka-yu [dgn sedikit improvisasi]. abis itu giliran kiyo [kiyo berdoa dulu gitu XD cute….] truss pas dah selese si kiyo ngepalin tangan kanannya sgn gaya “yeah, gw bisa” XD cute.. si ka-yu sama you nepuk tangan buat kiyo.. dan lanjut, giliran you yg ngasih nada buat yg laen ngikutin [pas ini, si ka-yu ga bisa ngikutin dan jadinya kacau gt XD sampe si shuji ikut ngetawain XD ghahahahaha.. lucu..]. ini berlangsung sekitar 6 menitan. entertaining bgt yg bagian ini XD terakhir mereka berempat main bersama [ga tau lagu apa.. ]
abis itu yasu nongol dan lanjut sama black jack.

encorenya.. gila.. dasyat.. encore yg pertama diamond virgin. ga terlalu “wah” banget sih, tapi kalo gw ada di antara penonton di situ waktu itu, gw pasti bakalan terkesima.. soalnya ini concertnya pas bulan maret dan singlenya diamond virgin baru keluar bulan mei [jd penonton pertama yg dengerin lagu ini gitu lho.. live lagi T_T waaaa~~] abis kasumi yuku sora mereka say goodbye ke penonton. si you ngelemparin gitar picks ke penonton. kaya udah beneran goodbye dari mereka. truss mereka sambil dadah2an ke penonton balik ke dalam.

penontonnya pada tereak minta encore.. dan mereka keluar lagi XD yay! dan bawain r-type [jd keinget yasu zaman bahola XD] dan abis itu.. rainy~~~ indah sekali T_T sampe ga bisa berkata2.. lbh indah drpd recordingnya… dan pas bagian terakhir [yg pas lalalallalla..] si yasu tiba2 matanya berkaca2.. eh.. beneran nangis [gw sampe ga percaya… hueee… yasu nangis… o_O ] air matanya jatoh dengan jelas… yasu~~~ semua penonton jd terdiam gitu.. gile… truss pas lagunya dah selesai yasu bilang “chanto mieta yo~ minna wa chodai. minna arigatou~” dan yasu bow ke penonton.. indah sekali…

dan panggungnya gelap seketika dan penonton teriak minta enchore lagi dan mereka balik lg ke atas panggung. kali ini lagu wajib utk penutupan konser JDA.. stare~~ waaa… penontonnya goyang2 spt biasa.. *ikutan melambaikan tangan jg XD * ghaaa.. keren~ dan seperti biasa.. pas lagunya hampir mo selese, mereka berhenti dan si yasu ngomong ke penonton.. kayanya sih intinya bilang thank you udah support mereka dari sejak mereka indies sampe udah major kaya skrg.. intinya mereka bener2 berterimakasih kepada para penonton. truss.. lagunya mulai lagi.. whoo-oo-oo-oo-oo *ikutan nyanyi bareng yasu XD*

truss pas dah selese, kiyo & shuji pada turun, say goodbye ke penonton. spt di infinity, mereka ke setiap ujung panggung, si kiyo, ka-yu & you bagiin gitar picks, shuji bagiin drum stick, yasu dadah2an. pas di corner yg di kiri, si ka-yu lagi duduk di atas sound speaker sambil dadah2an sama penonton, eh dari belakang si yasu ngagetin [aww.. cute… ]. dan akhirnya mereka smua balik ke tengah panggung dan… ka-yu buka t-shirtnya dia.. [waaaaaa~~~~ *drools* ] tatonya keliatan semua XD truss si yasu juga buka baju dan dilempar bajunya ke penonton. abis itu… you juga XD [penonton pada histeris dan tereak pas bagian ini XD] eh tiba2 si ka-yu meluk you dari belakang niatnya utk nutupin dadanya you XD [ghahahhahahah.. lucu bgt yg pas ini] abis itu si ka-yu mo buka t-shirtnya kiyo.. tapi ternyata si kiyo pake t-shirt satu lapis lagi di dalemnya XD ga jadi deh sih ka-yu XD ghahahahaha.. lucu.. dan mereka pun gandengan tangan truss loncat kaya yg di dearly XD keren..

truss abis deh T_T

tenang masih ada bonus partnya… yg pertama itu off shot dearly. ini nyeritain mereka ngapain aja sehari sebelom concertnya.. ternyata mereka ke supermarket beli bir [byk bgt lagi…] O_O truss mereka ke osaka-jo hall [ini tempat konsernya] dan mereka ngambilin pamflet osaka-jo, ditandatanganin sama mereka semua [yg bagian kiyo lucu deh XD pamfletnya itu ada coret2an main tic tac toe] dan ternyata pamfletnya itu [yg udah ditandatanganin] dibuat utk bungkus permen [byk lagi isinya] truss di lem di bawah kursi salah satu penonton di concert hall itu.. *coba gw yg duduk di situ* truss cerita ttg pagi hari sblm konsernya. mereka inspeksi concert hall & latihan terakhir etc.

bonus yg satu lagi itu opening movienya XD lucu.. pertama ada potongan gambar2 mereka truss potongan clip live pertama mereka [taon 1996!!]. si yasu.. OMG.. no comment deh.. you.. O_O no comment jg… ka-yu ga berubah.. dr dulu emang cakep XD kiyo.. OMG dulu si kiyo imut bgt.. blom chubby dulu itu.. shuji jg ga terlalu berubah, cuman dulu itu kurus dia XD si yasu ngeledekin shuji apaan gitu [huaa.. sebel ga ngerti jepang >,< ] si shujinya cuman ketawa2 aja. truss ada potongan2 clip2 laen spt yasu “nonjokin” muka shuji XD, kiyo makan d’creeps, shuji dan [ka-yu?] berkostum aneh ala preman SMU [karakter komik apa yah.. asli gw lupa… ], ka-yu, kiyo dan you make kostum bowling pin, truss yasu naked XD ghahaha.. lucu..

overall: gilaaa.. NIH DVD KEREN ABIS!!! Janne Da Arc saiko~~ ga rugi deh. udah panjang [3 jam], performancenya bener2 bagus, menarik, ga bikin bosen, [dan lagu2 yg mereka bawain lagu fav gw lg – me loves Arcadia] pokoknya gw bener2 puas deh. dan ember.. beli yg ori jauh x100000000000 lbh puas drpd yg bajakn XD ok.. deh.. gile.. aye capek ngetik.. @_@

Dir En Grey – Withering To Death

Dir en Grey – Withering To Death
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Dir En Grey- Withering To Death

Release Date: 9 March 2005

1. Merciless Cult
temponya terlalu lambat, bikin gw ga sabaran. cuman suka pas bagian kyo tereak doang.

2. C
ho-oh, setuju sama shiva. yg ini enak didenger.

3. 朔-saku-
jujur aja, pas singlenya baru keluar truss gw dengerin lagu ini pertama kali, langsung gw ganti ke track berikutnya. ga tahan bo. setelah mencoba denger beberapa kali, akhirnya gw bisa menghargai lagu ini juga.

4. 孤独に死す、故に孤独。
depan slow, keras di bagian ref. typical diru bgt Wink

5. 愛しさは腐敗につき
lagu slow, gampang didegerin buat yg ga suka lagu yg terlalu keras [borink sih menurut gw]

6. Jesus Christ R’n R
nada2nya rada membingungkan, terutama pas depan2. 30 detik pertama kaya bukan diru gitu.. nice song as well Smile

8. Machiavellism
another lagu kesukaan gw ^o^ gw ga ngerti gimana kenapa di liriknya di tulisanya “hurry up hurry up wrist cut show”, tapi kalo didengerin yg gw denger “gayo gayo wrist cut show” ? o_O

9. dead tree
another lagu slow dgn kyo teriak2 di bagian ref. tapi jauh lbh bagus drpd track 1. i like this song actually Smile

Lagu fav. gw ^o^ sebenernya ini lagu pertamanya diru yg pernah gw dengerin. sejak itu gw terkesima sama teriakannya kyo

11. Beautiful Dirt
lagu yg setipe sama saku. yg bisa dengerin saku dijamin bisa dengerin yg ini Razz

12. Spilled Milk
standard lagunya diru lah, not too bad

13. 悲劇は目蓋を下ろした優しき鬱
depannya lagu ini temponya lambat. boleh lah. [asli gw udah kehilangan kata2 buat nulis review >_<]

14. 鼓動
kenapa gw jadi keinget sama linkin park yah? mungkin gayanya mirip sama mereka :-/ nevertheless this is a good song.

Overall: gw kasih 8/10