Percakapan tentang ultah

Em: It’s my birthday this weekend. Let’s do something together!
Ea: When is your birthday? Saturday or Sunday?
Em: What you don’t know my birthday? Even I know your birthday!!
Ea: That’s not fair, my birthday is easy to remember. It’s on Boxing Day. Everyone remembers that.
Em: And so is my birthday! It’s the same as Michael Jackson’s birthday!!!
Ea: So????
Em: You should know!!

*gw ngakak…*

Em: Ooohh.. No, I’m turning 25 soon.
Gw: You are a quarter of century old!
Em: Noooooo….
Ea: You have lived a quarter of your life! Provided you can live till 100 years old..
Em: Naah… Probably a third of my life..
Ea: Huhuhuhuhu…
Em: But you guys are older!
Ea: And you too! (pointing to me)
Gw: No, you’re older!
Em: And you probably have lived half of your life, since you’re a guy!
Gw: Yeah, true! Man dies earlier, woman lives longer! 😛
Em: Hahahahahhaha…
Ea: *menghela nafas sambil pasang muka depresi*

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