Percakapan ga jelas siang ini…

Em: Hey look at those people from ***** team. They are all going out to pub.
Gw: ooooh.. *berusaha ngeliat siapa aja tapi mereka dah pergi duluan*
Em: There’s Gr, and then that tester..
Gw: St?
Em: No, that lady who did QA. What’s her name again?
Gw: An? No, not An… Hmm.. I forgot her name!
Em: and the other 2 I don’t know them.
Em: Hey, my memory is not bad after all! Out of 4 people I remember 1 person’s name. That’s like 25% *dengan bangga menyatakannya*
Gw: And that one person is Gr, aye~~
Em: Ahahahaha.. *malu*

fyi Gr itu mantan team leader kita, dan juga guru les gitar Em dan Ph – jadi tentu saja Em kenal dan inget nama Gr!!

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