//insider’s joke…

Conversation 1
Gw: What time are you going home?
Em: When Jo is leaving home.
Gw: Oh, he’s coming here to pick you up?
Em: No, he’s going to his friend’s house.
Ph: They are still not talking to each other.. [Ceritanya Em dan Jo (cowoqnya) lagi berantem.]
Em: You know what will make him piss off? If I take a young and handsome boy home with me.. (dengan nada bercanda, trus sambil ngasih tanda ke Ea)
Gw: In that case Ea is not qualified then 😛 (kaburrrrrrrrr…)
Ea: Heeeeeeyy you~~~ (siap menerkam) [pembicaraan ttg usia itu rada sensitif di antara circle kita, terutama utk Ea, walaupun dia cuman 4 bulan lbh tua dr gw]
Ph & Em: wakakakakkakakkssss… XD

Conversation 2
Gw ga inget awalnya gmn, tiba2 kita dah ngebicarain ttg umur.
Em: I’m still young. I’m only 17 (sok ngaku2 sambil ngedipin mata)
Ea: You can’t be 17. That will make Jo a criminal!
Gw & Ph: wakakakakkakakakakkakakkssssss XD (ngakak sehabis2nya)
[soalnya Jo udah 30an lbh, mereka dah lbh dr 5 taon pacaran, trus di NZ ada law yg mengkriminalkan siapapun yg have a relationship with a minor (under age people).]

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